CIP Special Report

One of the benefits we offer to attendees is the opportunity to be the first to purchase the AZBEX CIP Special Report at a discounted price. The Report is released the day of the event and is distributed to purchasers when they check-in. Attendees can purchase the Report at the price of $199 (down from the regular price of $299) with their ticket purchase or at the door.

This stand-alone document provides an in depth look at over 25 agencies in the state, digesting their internal budget document, the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and pulling the right information from those documents. AZBEX provides additional information such as the Engineer/Architect of Record, the General Contractor (if selected), department head contact information and a thumb drive of all the CIP’s.

See the list of agencies we tracked in 2017 below and
click the front cover above to see several sample pages.

To pre-purchase the 2018 CIP Special Report visit our registration page and choose the “Registration + CIP Report” option. You will receive your report the day of the event at check-in. (If for some reason you cannot attend we will make sure to send the report to you directly.)